The Early Recovery Stage

One of the most important lessons to be learned in this stage of drug addiction recovery is the abstinence from all sorts of mood altering drugs which include alcohol. This is because it is only by removing the substance from the body that the brain will be given the chance to heal. This is a drug addict’s one chance of regaining normalcy in life. During this stage, it is important for the addict to gain knowledge of his or her drug addiction and start forming a social support group while working on relapse prevention plan. These activities can help in gaining skills needed for maintaining abstinence over different drugs.

The Middle Recovery Stage

During this stage, the drug addict continues honing the skills required for maintaining abstinence. Here the main focus is on avoiding instances of getting drawn towards the use of a drug. It is also essential to analyse and start identifying and repairing damages that are a result of the addiction while moving towards a balanced life.

The Late Recovery Stage

Until now, the addict is sure to have achieved security and stability ion drug addiction recovery and this is the time to handle the underlying problems. These might be problems that are ingrained deeply. Some problems that are readily handled at this stage of recovery include abuse issues, abandonment and low self-esteem issues.